MONO SILICIC ACID (SiOH4) A REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT SILICIUM is a revolutionary product for the optimization of the bloom, growth, resistance and protection of the plants. The plants will also root much faster, develop stronger stems and leaves and increases the absorption of nutrients.  SILICIUM is especially beneficial for the regulation of the absorption of nutrients by the […]

SILICIUM is the purest and cleanest form of plant available mono silicic acid. The content is clear and stabilized and manufactured in a professional laboratory ensuring the highest possible quality standards. SILICIUM is especially beneficial for the absorption of nutrients by the plant. The use of SILICIUM results in increased resistance and protection against diseases. […]

20 times more effective. Specially developed for cleaning hydro systems. Silver clean prevents microbiological deposits and blockages in irrigation systems. Deposits in the irrigation system extract oxygen from the nutrient water, making the nutrients less absorbable by your plants. Due to the combination of hydrogen peroxide and our unique silver coating, silver clean reacts very […]

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