The Original Silicium (SiOH4)

The purest and cleanest form of plant available Mono Silicic Acid (SiOH4)

The Silicium additive for flowering

Reduces drought stress and increases, tolerance to extreme heat, cold and diseases; enhances the flowering capacity of the plant.

Silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide

Specially developed for cleaning hydro systems. Silver clean prevents microbiological deposits and blockages in irrigation systems.

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SILICIUM is a revolutionary product for the optimization of the bloom, growth, resistance and protection of the plants. The plants will also root much faster, develop stronger stems and leaves and increases the absorption of nutrients. 

SILICIUM is especially beneficial for the regulation of the absorption of nutrients by the plant. The use of SILICIUM results in increased resistance and protection against diseases. When using SILICIUM, your plants will root faster and develop stronger stems and leaves. The use results in larger flowers and fruits, because of the positive effect it has on the absorption of phosphorus by the plant. SILICIUM also ensures the plants lose less moisture, thereby enhancing the sustainability of the crops.

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